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Data Flow Chart

Riskmanagement, Solution

12 January 2016

Your request

How can you clearly visualise data flows, from source to reporting?

Our solution

We begin by sketching the initial set-up of the data stream chain on paper, starting with the final destination, reporting, in mind. From there we trace our way back through the data stream chain to the source, visualising the data stream chain in our Data Flow Chart, which shows at a glance the route the data takes from source to reporting.

What’s in it for you?

The Data Flow Chart serves as your frame of reference and the basis for your data quality dashboard. DNB has stipulated certain requirements for the Data Flow Chart. Think here in terms of the applications through which the data flows, as well as End User Computing (EUC) checks that you carry out on the data and transfers between various data owners. Thanks to our Flow Chart you can be confident that everything has been taken into account.

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