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ERM Quickscan

Riskmanagement, Solution

12 January 2016

Your request

How can you establish how effectively risk management is working for your organisation, and ascertain the added value of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)?

Our solution

Proactively applying risk management will benefit your entire organisation. The holistic approach of an ERM framework will help your organisation to flourish by managing the risks it takes.

Thanks to our Quickscan we can provide insights into the status of your risk management. We can help you implement or optimise ERM, based on the COSO framework and the following five topics:

  1. Awareness in the organisation
  2. Policy and strategy
  3. Tooling
  4. Risk assessments
  5. Communication structure

What’s in it for you?

Our Quickscan offers insights into the opportunities your organisation has to work in a pragmatic manner with the (further) implementation of ERM.

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