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Governance framework

Riskmanagement, Solution

12 January 2016

Your request

How can you translate your data quality policy into a governance framework?

Our solution

We work out the governance framework on the basis of the data quality management cycle: the identification of data; the assessment of risks; the management of those risks; and the monitoring and reporting of data quality. We do all this by documenting the activities that follow from this cycle in a clear and manageable RASCI. Think in terms of developing data streams in Data Flow Charts, or carrying out a data-risk assessment. This also puts the various roles in the spotlight: such as that of the data owner, data steward, risk management and the actuaries.

What’s in it for you?

The governance framework follows from the data quality policy. As is the case with this policy, we work out the governance framework in such a way that it’s a good fit with the size and complexity of your organisation. Moreover, as the level of maturity of your organisation grows, the policy can be adjusted accordingly.

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