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Risk appetite framework

Riskmanagement, Solution

12 January 2016

Your request

How can you demonstrate that you are in control when it comes to risk appetite?


Our solution 

We offer an effective risk appetite framework that contributes to the decision-making processes that affect the strategy and the business objectives. The framework is a proven means of showing that you remain in control and are thus able to anticipate and capitalise on future developments. Furthermore, in addition to creating risk awareness in an organisation, in an understandable way it shows how useful risk appetite is and how it works.


What’s in it for you? 

If an organisation is to be able to steer on risk appetite information, the risks must be identifiable and the risk tolerances must be clear. Only then will you be able to see where it can go wrong and what impact this will have. Documenting it all is crucial and this framework will help you do so.

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