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Blockchain both fascinates and inspires

9 July 2018

Blockchain both fascinates and inspires

What’s the most effective way of explaining blockchain? Well, certainly not with a dull presentation! Instead, we’ve developed what we call the Blockchain Games. A playful game with which you will learn to understand blockchain by actually using it. Then, once you understand it, you can actually apply it. “In just two hours I got to understood what blockchain is all about, and I even conceived my first application!”

Blockchain: we’re hearing more and more about it, but how many people actually know what it is? Given that it’s not something that can be easily explained, we felt that it could, and should, be explained differently! With the Blockchain Games, we’ve turned what is quite a complex subject into something altogether simpler. And that’s what consultancy is all about.

A principled game

Three principles are key to Blockchain:

a) There’s talk of a transfer that’s recorded in a decentralised ledger

b) The transfer is validated by the network

c) The transfer is encrypted in the “chain”

In the Blockchain Games, these principles return in different, playful forms. In an interactive manner, you’ll become acquainted with Blockchain and learn to really understand the essence behind it. You’ll then immediately put this knowledge into practice and in the last game you’ll think up a new application. The best-known application, of course, is the Bitcoin, but how many more applications could this methodology fuel?

Refreshing ideas

We typically play the Blockchain Games with Young Professionals at universities and during selection days for our Business Consultancy Traineeship (BCT). This has resulted in some really innovative ideas, the best of which we want to share with you below.

1. Blockclaim

To make a claim process more efficient, Blockchain can ensure that different damage assessors within the claim process jointly assess and approve the damage and guarantee that the transaction is proper and correct. This means that damage compensation can be paid out automatically. It’s more transparent and cheaper – all of which trickles down into the premiums.

2. BlockID

You have to re-enter your data, time and time again, in every webshop you visit. But is this really necessary? Working according to new legislation and regulations, such as the GDPR, data management is set to become an even bigger burden for organisations, which will have to demonstrate why they are requesting data how they intend to use it. So why not record all data in a decentralised blockchain and give companies access at different levels? This will translate to less hassle for you and for the company you want to do business with.

3. Using blockchain to administrate mortgages and loans

You can also administrate outstanding debts, including agreements and conditions, in the blockchain. Mortgages and loans are often fragmented and resold several times over, thereby making the underlying value untraceable. Blockchain makes everything traceable, including the original agreements. Using this method might well have averted the 2008 financial crisis!

Digital scarcity

Participants in the Blockchain Games are really enthusiastic about this playful and quick way to understand blockchain. Here is a sample of some of the things they said about it.

‘What a terrifically fun way of getting to understand a complex subject.”

“Fancy being able to grasp what Blockchain is all about in just two hours!”

“How it works, an ICO, and how you can create digital scarcity. All fascinating.”

‘’Blockchain could also have existed in 1995. It’s not mainly technology, but methodology. And that’s what you need to appreciate in order to apply it.”


If you want to really understand what blockchain is all about and find out what it could offer your organisation or department, book the Blockchain Games by calling Ebel Hoekstra at 020 – 226 01 10 or send an email

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