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ITDS locations

ITDS groep BV
John M. Keynesplein 15
(SAY Building B)
1066 EP Amsterdam.

+31 (0) 202260110

ITDS Warschau
Złota 59
00-120 Warschau
Skylight Building


ITDS Wrocaw
Szczytnicka 11
50-382 Wrocaw
Business Link Green2Day Building


Directions and parking


If you come by car you can, of course, simply enter our address in your satnav. There is a parking garage under our office. To reach it, turn left at the end of the David Ricardostraat then proceed onto the John M. Keynesplein. You will then see the parking garage on the left. When you get to the barrier, press the button labelled “Say Building”. If you tell the receptionist that you are visiting ITDS, the barrier will be opened to let you in.

By tram, metro or bus


The following bus routes are nearby: routes 18, 62, 195, 302 and 398. From the Henk Sneevlietweg metro station, ITDS is easy to reach with a shuttle bus (the Rieker Circle Line), which leaves every 10 minutes. Get off the bus at the second stop. A two-minute walk from this stop, you’ll find the SAY Building B behind the Atradius building.

Question and answer


If you have any questions about our activities or our vision of the industry, contact us on 020 – 226 01 10, or send an email. You can find our latest news here.