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At ITDS we combine up-to-date knowledge of the financial industry – banking, insurance and financial-services providers – with a practical view on information technology. We switch effortlessly between risk management and Social Media, and between mobile insurance and cost control. And whenever we see an opportunity, we will bring those worlds together. This way, we can offer you a diverse range of expertises.

Founded in
more than 25 years of experience
Number of employees
people who are ready to help
Number of offices
in Amsterdam, Warschau, Wroclaw and Lissabon
Number of clients
banks, insurance companies and pension funds
Number of partners
Salesforce/Vlocity, Keylane, Sofico and Sopra Banking Software



One thing is certain: the industry has been turned upside down. Technological innovation is moving incredibly fast. Everyone is concerned...

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Digital business

The world in which we live has been digital for a while. We think being able to order and organise...

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Legislation and regulation

The Dutch and European authorities come with new regulations that you have to comply with every year. We all embrace...

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Risk Management

Risk management is getting a lot of attention from regulatory institutions and is a reoccurring theme in public debate. This...

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