Double the turnover in the next five years at one of the biggest players in the banking insurance market


One of the biggest players in the banking insurance market has a clear ambition: to double its turnover in the next five years. They just didn’t know how. They needed insight into what they had to change in their organisation to make this lofty ambition possible. ITDS was asked to advise the bank what would be necessary to realise their objective of doubling their turnover in five years.


Involving the bank’s staff in various workshops, we started off by outlining what the organisation currently looks like. Afterwards, on the strength of our expertise and experience, we described what the future organisation needs to be. Then, based on the differences between the current and future organisations, we presented our recommendations.


The session in which we presented our results was particularly noteworthy. For every topic we discussed there was at least one manager or board member who disagreed with our analysis, often because a recommendation would be at the expense of a department or business unit that he or she was responsible for. However, a positive development was that when this happened we invariably received the backing of others in the audience. Lively discussions ensued, ensuring that our recommendations report received broad support.

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