Digitalising the claims process


Our client was looking for a solution that would simplify, accelerate and improve the quality of its claims process. The process was labour-intensive, had a long lead-time and, due to incomplete and inconsistent information, was also sensitive to errors.

Process support from a single application
The client wanted a solution in which process support was arranged from a single application. In this application the employee had to be supported from start to finish of the claims process, with all requests for information and mutations pertaining to the “systems of record” carried out below the surface. In addition to ensuring maximum process optimisation, this would also impose a uniform working method on the claims handler. Our client was looking to select a specific and proven platform to meet all its requirements and ITDS was asked to coordinate the selection process.



Over the course of several years, ITDS had developed a best practice for an RFI/RFP process, including an extensive question database. For this assignment, in collaboration with the relevant specialists, we applied the best practice to the client’s specific situation and requirements. Using several proven platforms/solutions and implementation partners, we then ran through the RFI/RFP process.

One of the aspects that set our approach apart was that, in addition to carrying out the standard RFI/RFP process, we also organised intensive workshops with suppliers and implementation partners. Project manager Rick van der Helm elucidates: “Doing this obliged the organisation to be critical. It also cleared the way for the implementation partner to specifically address the client’s situation and adapt the proposed solution to the client’s wishes and to fresh insights.”

Together with two implementation partners, we ran through a proof-of-concept phase. Based on the same assignment description, both partners configured a part of the process, allowing them to demonstrate what they were capable of. The impact that IT projects have on an organisation is invariably underestimated, which is why ITDS always tests an implementation partner’s ability to adapt.


The approach we took helped our client select a platform that would achieve the required improvements to its claims process, as well as provide a stimulus to the necessary digital transformation. Moreover, the organisation can now fall back on an implementation partner that can adequately support the change process.

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