Strategic growth through the migration of 125,000 savers


After taking over 125,000 customers from a savings bank, our client needed help in the subsequent migration process. Based on our experience in large migrations, we knew that support is needed throughout such a process: from analysis to final migration to aftercare.


Acting in the role of business analyst, we supported the client throughout the entire process. Our approach comprised six different phases: analysing the products and processes; analysing and cleaning up the customer data; preparing the migration strategy; test migrations; final migration; and aftercare.

Analysing the products and processes

Working together with the former savings bank and our client, we organised several workshops and working sessions to map out the various portfolios. We also analysed the differences between current and future products. Various stakeholders were involved in all this, such as the Compliance, Legal Affairs, Product Management and Operational departments of the bank. We also carried out a process-impact analysis for the migration, complete with the relevant advice and measures to be taken. In the context of all this, we took into account the simplification of the product portfolio, to reduce costs and facilitate the digitalisation.

Analysing and cleaning up the customer data

We analysed the customer data for both accuracy and completeness. With regard to the various savings products, we analysed the volume and distribution of the portfolio, along with the associated digital archives. Based on the outcomes of these analyses, several issues and anomalies in the data were resolved and the data was cleaned up.

Preparing the migration strategy

The results gleaned from the analyses of products and processes and customer data enabled us to determine in the migration strategy which steps and actions needed to be taken to make the necessary product and customer conversions. We then drew up a roadmap for migrating the customers to our client’s new products.

Test migrations

Carrying out test migrations made the results of the actual migration immediately visible. Suitable solutions were defined to address identified differences and all steps were carefully described and documented. Our pragmatic approach enabled us to carry out many test migrations in a short timeframe, allowing us to quickly book results. We decided what had to be resolved in the project phase and what could be resolved in the aftercare phase.

Final migration

All savings accounts were migrated in one weekend, with the whole project team working from several locations. Prior to the migration, we compiled a “master roadmap” and all steps in it were successfully carried out by the project team and departments in question.


To ensure that everything went according to plan, we supported the client for several weeks after the final migration. As part of the aftercare plan, we specified in advance the steps that were to be taken after the migration, an important aspect of which was the digital archives of the savings products. The overall focus was on the effective implementation of the project in our client’s organisation.


All the 125,000 savings-bank customers were successfully migrated to the new products in our client’s digital environment. Furthermore, the successful migration of the digital archives will now help the client when questions arise. Following the acquisition of these 125,000 customers, our client’s savings portfolio has grown by a third to €1.7 billion. Thanks to the efficient management and monitoring of our actions, coupled with our accurate and pragmatic methodology, we have made a significant contribution to our client’s strategic growth objectives.

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