Risk management is getting a lot of attention from regulatory institutions and is a reoccurring theme in public debate. This is not that crazy when you think about the risks that your organization takes which could have great consequences for your efficiency, reputation and customers. In what way could risk management work for your organization? Our Risk experts are keen on providing the solution you are looking for. We do not believe in a standardized conceptual approach. But we will provide tangible solutions that have proven itself in practice.




Financial Risk

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Financial risk management is important for the entire organisation. But not everybody understands it. We will formulate a straightforward governance framework, not only made understandable for the CFO but for the whole organisation. This will ensure that your organisation can handle financial risks responsibly.

Data Management & Privacy

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Bad data can lead to bad decisions. However, how do you keep the quality of data good? By setting up a framework with good control measures you can prevent the creation of incorrect data. That is still beter than curing?

Operational Risk

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Is your organisation ‘in control’ ? Are the appropriate measurements carried out on time and are the correct controls in place? We will help your organisation in taking the next step when it comes to operational risk management.

Enterprise Risk

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Do you think that risk management in your organization could be better, or that something is missing in your current situation? Are you curious about the benefits you can get from ERM? Or do you need help with implementation? Trust our specialists.

Business Continuity Management

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Are you facing complex risk issues, or do you need external risk knowledge/capacity for your projects or operations? Or perhaps you crave inspiration, a tangible risk solution, or people who can hit the ground running? Our interim risk experts and data quality experts are ready on short notice!



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Set up and implementation of a Customer Due Diligence policy

“Making a good start was half the battle”

The challenge facing KAS BANK was to implement a Customer Due Diligence policy and rationalise customer files in a limited timeframe.

In collaboration with ITDS, project manager Marc Brouwer took on the challenge.

A social strategy and implementation for OHRA

“As soon as we were satisfied, they’d raise the bar”

In the space of just a few years the role of Social Media at OHRA has grown from “a nice little extra” to a fully fledged business channel.

Iris Wezenberg – previously Social Media Manager and now Online Service Manager with this Dutch insurer – explains how it all came about.

An international IT strategy and organisational change

“You have to get people onside because not everyone likes change”

In just over 40 years Brunel has evolved from a Delft-based brokerage company into an international service provider employing more than 11,000 people in 37 countries. In many of these countries Brunel used local IT systems, each with its own definitions. To make it all future-proof, all these systems had to be replaced by a single system based on the same standard.

Stefan de Boer, Manager Global IT, tells about the collaboration with ITDS.


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Risk Management

The organic approach to setting up and working with data quality

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Risk assessment at a school community

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