Global SoMe Magazine 2017

Global SoMe Magazine 2017

Transformation on digital, not yet on social

Developments sometimes go faster than you think. And this is also true for the insurance industry, particularly when it comes to Social Media. The conclusions of our second international survey into insurers’ use of Social Media are the proof of this. The facts and figures generated by our Social Media Insurance Monitor 2017 show a growth in Social activities among our 20 surveyed insurers, which come from 11 different countries. Nonetheless, we’ve also had to conclude that worldwide, most insurers have not been able to keep up with developments. They simply are not yet commanding a presence on the various channels on which existing and future customers are to be found.

ITDS Business Consultants has taken the initiative to carry out this independent survey because, as a specialist, we feel fully at home in the insurance industry. But in doing so we haven’t focused exclusively on cold statistics in this Global SoMe 2017 magazine. We’ve also scoured the world for initiatives that can drive change and that deserve some further investigation. We’ve also asked a few experts for their vision and suggestions: in which areas is there some catching up to do, for example, and how can certain players survive? And to all this we’ve added our own insights and analyses. There are, of course, plenty of cultural differences between continents and countries; but Social Media goes beyond borders. On behalf of ITDS, it’s my pleasure to present this global edition of SoMe 2017, in which we want to share our vision and experience with you.


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ITDS has undertaken the Social Media Insurance Monitor every year since 2011: an independent research into the use of Social Media by insurers, published as SoMe magazine. In this short period of time, the Monitor has become an institution, closely followed by the industry. As a logical sequel, SoMe now also has a Global Edition, which maps the use of Social Media by international insurers.

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