Innovative functionalities in standard software packages are offering insurers more and more opportunities to reduce their costs and give their customers better services. But where can you find professionals nowadays that are willing and able to implement packages such as Keylane Axon? To meet the increasing demand for exactly this kind of expertise, and train consultants to become motivated implementation experts, ITDS has set up the professional Competence Centre Axon. Rick van der Helm, a Business Line Manager at ITDS, reveals all about this rapidly growing centre.


Huge demand for expertise

Keylane, a European supplier of software to the insurance and pension sector, has developed several platforms. One such platform is Axon, which, by making quick adjustments, improves digitisation for non-life insurers, thus providing fast, flexible and high-quality online services for their customers. Keylane continues to consolidate as the market standard for non-life insurance products. The company also focuses on foreign markets, serving more than 225 clients in several countries inside and outside Europe. This means that demand for expertise in the field of design and product configuration is very high, with the client, Keylane, looking for the right people to support the implementation and configuration of Axon at its clients. Additionally, there are also insurers who prefer to do product configuration independently. ITDS has therefore set up Competence Centre Axon to meet the needs of both types of insurers, as well as those of Keylane itself. Setting up a competence centre in this way safeguards the expertise within ITDS and enables us to keep offering excellent services to our clients going forward.


Motivated specialists

A large number of ITDS consultants are currently part of the Competence Centre Axon. This highly motivated team is specialised in configuring Axon, as well as the complete implementation process. Thanks to the excellent and continuous training they receive, complemented by practical experience acquired at various clients, they are developing the appropriate knowledge and skills. They never stop learning and their development is a continuous process. Our consultants are of different seniority levels and they play a variety of roles at our clients. Typically, these essential roles include product-configuration specialists, technical designers and functional designers. We can participate in client teams, or we can assume responsibility for the complete setup required by the client. We also have highly experienced project managers in-house, with substantive expertise and experience of carrying out major implementation projects. All of which enables us to effectively guide and support our clients in the implementation of a software-package solution.


Competence Centre as a service

Our ambition is to continuously expand the Competence Centre and keep innovating. By carrying out more product-configuration processes in-house, for example. Supposing a client wants to configure three products during the next six months; this is something we could arrange from start to finish. It goes without saying that we’ll drop by right at the start to pick up the relevant information. But afterwards, from our Amsterdam office, we will take the complete process off the client’s hands, from product strategy all the way through to implementation. We deliver it all to the client fully up and running, relieving the client as much as possible. I’d even go as far as to say that I see the Competence Centre as a service.


Bridging the gap

Thanks to our many years of experience implementing standard packages and our expertise in the financial-services sector, we have no equal when it comes to bridging the gap between client and supplier. Our Competence Centre enables us to offer a variety of different services that will help you implement Axon in your organisation. Are you just looking for a product-configuration specialist, a functional designer, or perhaps a technical designer with diehard Axon knowledge? Then, we have you covered. Do you need help in configuring or setting up your own Competence Centre? Again, we have you covered. Or are you looking for a player that can guide and support the whole implementation process? Here too, we have you covered. We have all that it takes to meet our clients’ needs.

If you’d like to learn more about our implementation projects, click here. And if you’re curious about what other services we can offer, check out our services.


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