Hanneke van Baal: “You can dictate the pace of your own career”

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“What really sets ITDS apart from other consultancies is that, in terms of your personal growth, you can set your own pace. We don’t stick to well-trodden paths here. If someone is on a steeply rising growth curve, he or she is allowed to progress more quickly,” insists Hanneke van Baal, HR manager at ITDS.

Hanneke speaks from experience; in a matter of just a few months she grew from Recruitment Coordinator to HR Manager. “At ITDS I immediately felt a distinct spirit of drive and entrepreneurship. The enthusiasm of ITDS employees and the possibilities I identified during discussions were exactly what I was looking for. When the recruitment team was looking for a new HR Manager, I concluded that it was a position I’d like to do myself. And that’s another good thing about ITDS: you’re given the chance. If you see opportunities, you can develop yourself to the full here.”


In addition to being responsible for HR policy, Hanneke also advises, facilitates and supports the management and board in the area of HR. “Given that managers here are responsible for their own employees, we provide them with the guidelines and tools to carry out their HR activities. The most fascinating part of my role are discussions with employees who want to develop in a certain direction, whether it’s inside or outside ITDS, and then giving them the necessary support. On the one hand I enjoy safeguarding the interests and objectives of ITDS, and on the other I like helping an employee by giving him or her a nudge in the right direction.”


“A significant milestone in my career so far has been the implementation of a job description and remuneration system. In 2014, together with an external party, we reassessed the organisation in terms of jobs, responsibilities and corresponding salary structure. That was a substantial project, of which we were all very proud when it was completed. Another highlight for me has been the growth of the recruitment team. I’m very proud of the high quality of our recruiters and the energy within the team.”


“A key challenge at the moment is attracting good people and putting ITDS as an employer on the map with potential employees. At the moment we’re in what you’d call an employees’ market, with lots of choices in the jobs on offer. To convince a potential employee to join you, you have to be something really special because candidates typically have several other job applications on the go. I’m confident that with our new identity and new website ITDS is more appealing to potential employees, because we can show them who we are and what we stand for. Personally, I think ITDS is unique, thanks to the excellent atmosphere in the organisation. In our own ways we are all driven, passionate, energetic and communicatively strong.”

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