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In every issue of SoMe, Arjen de Boer shares his expert vision in a few areas that are currently topical and during the next few weeks we’ll be sharing that vision with you in this blog. Want to read the last SoMe? You can download it by clicking this link.


“Swipe to the right, your insurance policy is activated. To the left? It’s de-activated. Four, maybe five clicks, that’s all it takes to arrange something. Submit a claim? Just send a photo, or report it through Skype. This is how easy it could be if all our insurance matters were in sync with our digital habits in our day-to-day lives. A totally customer-oriented mobile-only interface with chatbots and AI: that’s what customers want. It would enable them to immediately change their policy and arrange everything smoothly, without the kind of hassle that people currently associate with insurance. A social customer approach, from the heart of the organisation: that’s what tomorrow’s players are working on.”


“How many times have I heard companies say they want to be the Apple or the Nike of the insurance industry? In all honestly, I know exactly where they are coming from because these are cool brands with a distinct brand identity. But, at the end of the day, we must also accept that these are unique brands, which is why their customers are loyal to them. Insurance, on the other hand, is not hip, and never will be. But for consumers, insurance companies don’t need to be hip, or cool; they need to be sincere, honest and authentic. An excellent example of this is the US insurer, Lemonade , which has shown a propensity for anticipating what customers expect from ‘new’ insurance: transparency, ease of use and speed of action. We could learn a lot from Lemonade. Just check out the user interface or how to submit a claim, for example. But carbon copying them would be a mistake. It’s important to remain faithful to your own identity because doing so has successfully created a bond with your customers over many years. Exploit new possibilities by all means, but don’t betray your roots.”


“Many insurers tell me that their content is conceived and posted by external agencies, with even webcare being outsourced. I find this incomprehensible. Without detracting from these external agencies, it just doesn’t make sense to outsource one of the most important contact channels with the customer. Fortunately, this has been changing recently. In an international context, we’re seeing that some insurers are now investing in the in-house creation of content. The simple fact is that external suppliers are much less able to approach customers in the right tone-of-voice. It’s hardly surprising really, because the only one who knows exactly how you sound is you!”

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