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Why buy a product or a service? Because it has exactly the properties you are looking for, because you have heard good things about it from friends and colleagues, or because the provider has a good reputation. Or because of the good price, naturally. With financial systems, the price is mostly determined by your personnel and IT costs. We help you to reduce these by introducing plug-and-play back-office systems that are set up so that every task can be processed automatically. Do you have specific needs and wishes? We will select the best standard platform for you. Of course, we also help with a seamless migration of your existing portfolios.

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Basic Life is a platform for the administration of Life Insurance, investment and funeral policies. Basic Life is completely STP and based on modern technology. You determine the products, the pricing and the way that you communicate with your clients. You connect to the existing portals by means of easy-to-use web-services. Are you building an operation from scratch in the short term? With Basic Life you will be operational within three to six months. We assist you from beginning to end. Transferring an existing administration system is easy. And because the price per policy is so low (approx. €0,65 per policy per year) you bring your product to the market really competitively.


Robotic Process Automation is a virtual resource that sets you up to automate repetitive tasks. And that is not the pipe-dream that it might sound like. You can deploy robots to many operational processes without having to make major system changes. In this way you can then focus yourself on more important activities such as improving the client experience, or lowering your operational risks and costs. Robots are simple to configure and require no IT-background which means you get large returns from low costs. We will gladly help you on your way.


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